AAAAA The Organization for Drunk Drivers

ADIDAS All Day I Dream About Sex (thanks to Kat Simmons)

AMC Ain't My Car (thanks to Jonathan Strickland)

AOL Anti On-Line

APPLE Arrogance Produces Profit-Losing Entity

ARMY Ain't a Real Marine Yet (thanks to Ernest Sewell IV)

BASIC Bill's Attempt to Seize Industry Control

BMW Bring Mechanic With! (thanks to Nick Brydon)

BMW Big Money Waste

BUICK Big Ugly Indestructible Compact Killer

CD-ROM Consumer Device, Rendered Obsolete in Months

CHEVROLET Cracked Head, Every Valve Rattles, Oil Leaks Every Time (thanks to David Stott)

CHEVROLET Can Hear Every Valve Rattle on Long Extended Trips

COBOL Completely Obsolete Business Oriented Language

COMPUTER Capable Of Making Perfectly Uncomplicated Tasks Extremely Rigorous

DAM Mothers Against Dyslexia (thanks to James Lowe)

DEA Don't Even Ask (thanks to Fred Gerwick)

DEA Don't Expect Anything (thanks to Fred Gerwick)

DELTA Doesn't Even Leave The Airport (thanks to Joe Dubner)

DELTA Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive (thanks to John Ritzema)

DODGE Drips Oil, Drips Grease Everywhere

DOS Defunct Operating System

DNA National Dyslexic Association (thanks to Jordan)

DUMBO Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass (thanks to Larry the K)

FIAT Fix It Again, Tony

FIAT Funny Italian Attempt at Technology (thanks to Bruce Weston)

FORD First On Rubbish Dump (thanks to Nick Brydon)

FORD First On Race Day (thanks to Jack Peltzel)

FORD Found On Road, Dead (thanks to Ernest Sewell IV)

FORD Flippin' Owner Really Dumb (thanks to John Shanku)

FORD Fix Or Repair Daily



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