True Facts DEBUNKED!

First fact is incorrectly worded, as it is currently written you imply there are only ten children in Europe of which one was born on an Ikea bed, it should read "One in every ten".

There is no correlation between zinc and copper levels in the body and intelligence. There is a correlation however between the two metals and memory.

Elementary school didn't exist as we know it in Mark Twain's time, nor did Mark Twain actually "exist" until Samuel Langhorne Clemens came up with the pseudonym. Clemens did graduate from his grammar school which so happened to go from grades 1 as we know it to grade 8. He then went on to a prep school which he promptly left.

Proportional to our weight, men are not stronger than horse. Ironically measured in horse power, a fully grown male horse (stud) which can way as much as half a ton has more pulling strength than three fully grown men of average build.

Pilgrims actually never had a "first thanksgiving" which is a misconception, it was the settlers that came prior to them that had the fabled first thanksgiving, which was mostly of dried meats and late harvest foods (pumpkins, gourdes) ironically no corn was involved.

Heinz Catsup can travel at various speeds from a bottle, depending on type of bottle (squeeze or glass) or by method of removal (spoon, straw, or drip).

Hummingbirds can weigh in at various weights, the lightest one is about an ounce (see Nymph Taxon) a penny weighs in at about .7 grams.

While licking a stamp might give you 1/10 a calorie in energy from the glue (which I doubt) you spend at least 4 calories completing the task.

Several states are bigger than England, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, most of the Western States. Only 3 are smaller, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Vermont.

Thomas Edison didn't invent the lightbulb, that honor goes to the Egyptians over 4000 years ago. Also, Egyptians slept on wool and grass reeds, not stone. Also the average life span of Egyptians 3000 years ago was 45 years, with an infant mortality of nearly 60%.

Sorry, try one in 300 Americans has appeared on TV, of which only 13% are on purpose.

Owls are not the only birds who can see the color blue, in fact all nocturnal hunters can see the color blue, as well as the Emu, Ewe, Ostrich, most hummingbirds, and most birds which subsist on insects. Birds actually have a greater visual range than humans. Humans can see and differentiate about 300 million colors, while most birds can differentiate around 500 million shades.

There were plenty of ponies in the Pony Express, because the term was used differently 150 years ago. A pony then was any horse under the age of 6.

Honey bees don't have hair.

Elephants can jump and do it quite well, often into water. However they do get scared by mice.

The US Fed never issued a 5-cent bill. A few states prior to the establishment of a national currency did, but it quickly died off.

Bats turn what ever direction they hear empty first, left or right, this is determined also by the lead bat in a swarm and ques from the swarm.

The praying mantis isn't the only insect that can turn it's head, in fact many can including the dung beetle and rhino beetle. Most ants can too.

Pants are still a dirty word in England in the same sense that Panties are a dirty word here in the US. They mean the same thing, which is often confusing for Americans going over there and Brits coming over to the US.

Lemons and Strawberries sugar content varies actually and it depends on what you mean by "sugar" if you mean mannose and N-acetylglucosamine then you'd be right.

Hate to break it to you but screeched and strengths both have two syllables. Screeched has three: scree-ch-ed, where strengths is broken into two: streng-ths

Not all soldiers from all countries salute with the right hand, in fact in the US it is customary to solute with the strong hand, or which ever handed side you are. The Salute was originally a means to show you were un-armed raising the hand to uncover the face or visor with the strong hand, often the right hand. In some countries this isn't the practice though. In Japan if salutes are used (rare as it is) it's always with the left hand, so the right hand is ready to strike.

You should really read the history of the microwave oven. The microwave oven wasn't invented by accident, in fact it was made on purpose as a test container for the weaponization of microwaves. Many a lab rat and gerbil were exploded in the device before it was considered too inhumane and other purposes were dreamed up for it.

Neither moisture nor air have anything to do with superglue drying, superglue dries because of an exothermic reaction which occurs between Nitrogen and Cyanoacrylate. The Cyanoacrylate bonds to materials as nitrogen in the air bonds creating covelent bonds at the atomic level. It literally changes the chemistry of the objects being bound through a nitrogen chain. Crazy glue on the other hand relies on the evaporation of certain chemicals to create a adhesive bond between materials which is not atomic level but at best microlevel bonding.

Hate to tell you this as well but: The amount of the US that is wilderness is 12% while Africa comes in at a whooping 87%. Wilderness is any inhabitable land; that is wild or untamed. Unmodernized. The whole Sahara (which means literally big desert) is wilderness and it takes up almost 50% of the entire continent. Of which only 10% of it is inhabited and habitable. Central African consists of about 60% jungle/Rain Forest with the remainder being water works, micro-tribal communities and irrigated land. South Africa (not the country but the region) is the most populated of the continent.

Technically speaking all of the land in the US is owned by the government, as the government is the people...this is semantics.

The position of a statue in a park of a war hero or any person has nothing to do with how they died. This is a myth.

There are rats in every part of the world, including Alberta Canada.

There are many venomous snakes in Maine, there are just no indigenous species of venomous snakes in Maine. Snakes also eat many things, not just other animals. This varies species to species. Boa Constrictors are known to eat fruit, and there is in fact a snake that eats fruit found in Bolivia as a major part of it's diet.

North Dakota has had over 300 recorded earthquakes and tremors, in fact every state in the US has had earthquakes and tremors.

Chimps are not the only animals that can recognize themselves in mirrors. Apes, Humans, cats, dogs, some birds, and some snakes can also recognize themselves. Yes humans are animals.

Bats can and do walk, just like all other mammals.

In England the Speaker of the house is the representative of the given controlling political party and does speak quite often.

The cable cares of San-Fran aren't the only national monuments that move. The Seattle Space Needle rotates, the Statue of Liberty moves along a tilt balance in the wind, and all "national monuments" are technically moving through space on Earth, both rotating around the Earth's Axis but revolving around the sun.

In Comic-Strips the person who speaks first is often but not always the first person to come along in the reading order. In the case of Manga (Japanese comics) it's the person on the Right of the Page.

People in China and Japan die disproportionately on the 4th of each month because the words death and four sound alike, and they are represented by the same symbol.~total myth. In fact more people die near the end of the month, because in Japan and China pay is often monthly and shortage of food is common in rural areas!



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