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False Facts #2

These sure sound good, but they're not true.

To combat global warming, the United States government is suggesting that when Daylight Savings time ends, Americans set the clocks and thermometers back.

90% of the Chuck Norris jokes you see around were written by Chuck Norris. (thanks to Eric Snyder)

The lead role for the movie "Gandhi" originally was offered to Burt Reynolds.

If you notify the flight attendant that it's your birthday, most airlines will let you exit the plane on the inflatable slide.

Rome wasn't built in a day, although the contractor told them it would be.

The Don Corleone role in the movie "The Godfather" originally was going to be played by Andy Dick.

Square bologna (to fit properly on square bread) has failed each time that Oscar Mayer has test-marketed it.

Round bread (to fit properly with round bologna) has succeeded each time it has been test-marketed, but the difficulty and expense in baking a round loaf of bread makes it unprofitable for bakeries.

More Americans choke to death on bathmats than die in auto accidents.

The "UL" designation (popular in the late 20th century, but not widely used now) was purchased by Consumer Reports in 1995.

When eaten, long vegetables (such as carrots, celery, etc.) that have been sliced lengthwise have double the vitamins absorbed by the body.

Although the publisher Scholastic Books expected more, the last Harry Potter book sold only 320 copies on the first day of sales.

Broadway's Nathan Lane actually lives on Nathan Lane in East Hampton, New York.

Electronics merchant Radio Shack may have to change its name because of a pending lawsuit from Shaquille O'Neal.

Vice President Dick Cheney had electrolysis in 2005 to remove his eyebrows. The ones you see now are tattooed on.

President George W. Bush locked himself out of the Oval Office fifteen times in his presidency.

Mr. T makes his own jewelry. (thanks to Eric Snyder)

Tuesday didn't exist on calendars until 1955.

Barry Bonds uses American Sign Language to sign the words "Five Eggs" towards left field after each home run.

Atlanta Falcon star Michael Vick got involved in dogfighting because cockfighting wasn't what he thought it was.

Talk show host Tom Snyder died while mowing neighbors' lawns for extra cash.

According to the United States Treasury, there are four 15-dollar bills in circulation.

Because Rosie O'Donnell has fronted the money for the rock group Kiss's reunion tour next year, the tour will be known as "Rosie's Kiss".

Since the release of the movie "The Bucket List", bucket sales have quadrupled.

It is possible to stand an egg up on its end, but only at the equator, on the day of the Summer Solstice.

Rhode Island is the only state without an active volcano.

Before microwave ovens were popular, KitchenAid experimented with an oven that cooked food with compressed air.

An embarrassed David Blaine had to call AAA when he locked his keys in his car in 2006.

Most toothaches can be prevented by flossing daily for forty-five minutes.

In 1982, Kim Jong Il was a contestant on "Tic Tac Dough".

The St. Valentine's Massacre was set up by Hallmark in the hopes of selling more cards. (thanks to Fray Pascual)

Time Magazine's 1951 Man of the Year was Moe.

Larry King attributes his youthful looks to his diet of broccoli and Red Vines.

Since the formula changed in 1998, Silly Putty is 23% less silly.

Goldfish are neither gold nor fish.

The role of Don Corleone in the Godfather was offered to Andy Griffith before it was offered to Marlon Brando.

Apple is working on a solar-powered iPod. The only drawback is that the solar panels make the unit the size of a large pizza box.

The Westminster Kennel Club also hosts an annual Kangaroo Show.