Oxymorons 1

Religious Education (thanks to Joseph Baur)

Logical Guess (thanks to Allan Ostermann)

Good pun

Great Depression (thanks to Allan Ostermann)

American Cheese

Closet Claustrophobic

Express Mail (thanks to Larry the K)

Restless Sleep (thanks to Allan Ostermann)

Clear as Mud (thanks to Larry the K)

Friendly Fire (thanks to Allan Ostermann)

First Annual Awards (thanks to Larry the K)

Hamburger Steak

Assisted Suicide (thanks to Allan Ostermann)

Diet Muffin (thanks to David McGirr)

Woman Driver (thanks to Chri$)

Fair Fight (thanks to David McGirr)

Extreme Mediocrity (thanks to Eric Snyder)

Women's Rights (thanks to Tina Web)

Literal Interpretation (thanks to Billnes)

Awful Grate (thanks to Kevin Beaudoin)

Conservative Movement (thanks to Larry)



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