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State Mottos #1

Alabama to Massachusetts!

Alabama: Yes, We Have Electricity

Alabama: Like the Third World, but Closer! (thanks to Jim Villani)

Alabama: Keeping it in the Family Since 1819 (thanks to Robert Pfaff)

Alaska: 11,623 Eskimos Can't Be Wrong!

Alaska: Jeez, it's Cold.

Alaska: Yeah, But It's a Dry Cold. (thanks to Andy Hynds)

Arizona: But It's a Dry Heat

Arizona: Soon To Be the Pacific Coast State (thanks to Michelle Steiner)

Arizona: There's nothing like living on the sun. (thanks to Emily Dailey)

Arkansas: Literacy Ain't Everything

Arkansas: Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Laugh

Arkansas: Attention K-Mart Shoppers! (thanks to Mike Tamburri)

California: By 30, Our Women Have More Plastic Than Your Honda

California: From the Hills to the Hood, we're still better than you. (thanks to Jasmine Townsend)

Colorado: Now 100% John Denver Free! (thanks to John Mozena)

Colorado: If You Don't Ski, Don't Bother

Connecticut: Like Massachusetts, Only The Kennedys Don't Own It Yet

Connecticut: The Middle C is silent, Ca**hole. (thanks to Mike Dougherty)

Delaware: Everything is Smaller Here!

Delaware: We Really Do Like The Chemicals In Our Water

Florida: Leave us alone, we're busy enjoying the 82 degree winter. (thanks to Gregory Seel)

Florida: Get Off of My State, You Kids! (thanks to Joe Lex)

Florida: Ask Us About Our Grandkids

Florida: So Close, You Can Smell Fidel (thanks to Jim Villani)

Florida: More Than Just a Great Place to Die (thanks to Joe Lex)

Florida: Canadian Collector (thanks to Julia Andrews)

Florida: America's Wang

Georgia: We Put The "Fun" In Fundamentalist Extremism

Georgia: Hey, don't mess with us or we'll take away the hip-hop and rap music! (thanks to Rachael Harrell)

Hawaii: Haka Tiki Mou Sha'ami Leeki Toru (Death To Mainland Scum, But Leave Your Money)

Hawaii: Come surfing because we love your hilarious You Tube vids. (thanks to Gregory Seel)

Idaho: More Than Just Potatoes. Well Okay, Not Really, But The Potatoes Sure Are Real Good

Idaho: You Can Be Da Ho Next (thanks to Ken Hirlinger)

Illinois: Please Don't Pronounce the "S"

Indiana: 2 Billion Years Tidal Wave Free

Indiana: Dan Quayle's Favorite Country! (thanks to Nabeel Ibrahim)

Iowa: We Do Amazing Things with Corn

Kansas: First of the Rectangle States

Kansas: No, we don't know Dorothy! (thanks to Lindsey Rose)

Kansas: Like Oklahoma but More Square (thanks to Lindsey Rose)

Kansas: Everyone Already got the Good Stereotypes (thanks to Lindsey Rose)

Kansas: Meth capital of the USA (thanks to Lindsey Rose)

Kansas: Pretty damn empty (thanks to Lindsey Rose)

Kentucky: Five Million People; Fifteen Last Names

Louisiana: Don't worry, We All Come with Translators. (thanks to Joni Cee Love)

Louisiana: We're Not ALL Drunk Cajun Wackos, but That's Our Tourism Campaign

Maine: We're Really Cold, but We Have Cheap Lobster

Maryland: Coming soon, Baltimore's top junkie! (thanks to Charlie Dennis)

Maryland: If You Can Dream It, We Can Tax It

Massachusetts: Our Taxes are Lower Than Sweden's (For Most Tax Brackets)

Massachusetts: Now with 30% Fewer Kennedys! (thanks to Brian DiMattia)