Weird Workers' Comp Injuries

My head injuries have created a permanent increase in libido which has led to two affairs and has ruined my marriage.

I got my right hand first finger in the saw while helping Mike and staying out of his way. My finger bled and it affected my mind.

I chipped my tooth on a cookie while visiting a customer.

While on duty, I was hit in the face by a hand. My glasses were broke and something hit my eye. No one believes I was hit but it hurt!

Hot grease splashed on me and fried my thumb.

I was working on my job and got a pain at the the end of the week.

Accident unnecessarily occurred on account of a misjudgment.

I ran down the steps and when I got to the end, my feet wouldn't stop.

I had my hand in the machine while the air was off. Someone turned on switches and folded my hand.

I was assaulted and attacked by a vicious employee because he didn't like me and I know it.

The patient was going to fall for me. I could not let this happen. In so preventing this, I caused myself damage to my knee.

This is for the cut on my hand, but I took the stitches out myself. However, I am filing on account of the watchdog biting me and on account of a hurt I got in a fall in the paint shop.

In performing the job of which I am capable, I didn't know the machine was on and was showing my new helper what not to do and did.

I was proving that I could carry an air compressor and I strained my back.

I looked into the hose to see why the water did not come out. It came.

I sprained my ankle the same way I sprained my ankle before.

I hit my arm against the hopper, and got flea bites.

That night I done something I shouldn't-a done and now my back hurts.

A gate hit my foot while my back was turned, closing the other side.

Customer thought she needed the brakes adjusted. She drove the car into the station, could not stop the car, came through the door and pinned claimant against the cash register.

I was removing a blouse for a customer and which time I injured my back.

I inherited this occupational disease.

Acting on behalf of my employer, I hit another automobile.

In order to avoid a person, Betty lost her balance and fell down. In one hand she had a ketchup botttle which broke on impact, cutting her hand. In the other hand she had her thumb.

I overasserted myself and got a hernia.

The doctor gave me a disease for my occupation and said I must change jobs.

Gears smashed thumb while holding air cleaner, while putting nipple on with right hand, while balancing air cleaner with left hand, while holding end with left hand away from right hand. Gears were not covered.

I didn't know water was where I fell.

I fell down in the Fotomat booth while dislocating my knee.

Sustained back injury due to car accident which is part of his job.

Falling off the truck, I dislocated my pelvis and other male organs.

I slipped and fell and hurt everything in me.

I dropped my head on my foot when someone pushed their guts across the table without calling out (from a slaughterhouse employee).

The fumes were so bad I was taken by them and went to bed with the doctor.

The guy I work with went ape s4%t. He hauled off and punched me in the jaw and then tried to rip my throat out.

Carrying roll roofing, I caught my toe on a piece of tin that was froze in the ground. The tin flipped against me causing me to trip, letting the roofing fall into the bucket of tar. Tar splashed out, burning my arm, and causing me to jump back into the ladder which fell against me, knocking me into the building, breaking my tooth. Thus I burned, bumped, and broke me.



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