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False Facts #7

These sure sound good, but they're not true.

Fish have "dandruff" caused by their scales that flake off, and it is impossible to filter all traces of it from drinking water.

Vice President Dick Cheney is an accomplished studio musician, and has played trumpet and woodwinds for the likes of Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra and (most recently) Paul Anka.

Moths are unable to fly during an earthquake.

John Wayne's real name was Lydia Schiffman.

The Hyundai Elantra is China's best selling car, but "Elantra" in some dialects of Mandarin Chinese means "Violation", so the car is actually named "Guana".

"Hello Kitty" began as part of a covert propaganda campaign originally proposed by Prime Minister Tojo during World War II.

More people than you would imagine accidentally swallow their keys.

When you first open a jar of cold cream, because of the chemical reaction with air, it actually is ice cold to the touch.

Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer Simpson, is getting older, and he can no longer properly voice the characteristic "D'oh!". From the sixth season of "The Simpsons" on, whenever you hear "D'oh", it's either a dub from an episode originally aired in seasons 1-5, or digitally created on a Macintosh computer.

Newscaster Jim Lehrer is married to the woman who plays Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Belt loops were invented fifty years earlier than the first belt.

When in heat, female hippopotami secrete an oil with a flavor similar to strawberries. Kalahari bushmen use the oil to make flat-bread treats for children.

Owls only lose feathers during daylight hours, usually when they're sleeping.

Before coming to power, Slobodan Milosevic hosted a radio talk show about soccer.

In the weightlessness of space a frozen pea will explode if it comes in contact with a carbonated beverage.

60 Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace owns and operates a chain of karate schools.

Satellite radio receivers (XM, Sirius) will occasionally disrupt radar guns (K-band) used by police to catch speeders.

Barbara Walters is part owner of two NHL teams. She is prohibited from attending when the teams play each other.

In many Eskimo schools, they don't teach multiplication. Division is taught, however.

During the Civil War, America had a demand for poodles that was not met until the mid-1920s.

The wobble in the rotation of the earth is causing a shift in its magnetic field. By the year 2327, the magnetic North Pole will be located in mid-Kansas, while the South Pole will be just off the coast of East Africa.

Silica gel, when mixed in with asphalt, makes highways that actually absorb rainfall. A side effect is that automobile tires would last two to three times as long when used on this type pavement. The tire industry has fought this breakthrough.

Scuba divers cannot pass gas at depths of 33 feet or below.

A tank can only be used to hold helium for three fillings (depending on tank size) before being recycled. The very small helium atom actually leaks out of the tank - in between the molecules of the steel tank - in effect actually "eating away" the tank walls.

There is no literal translation for "boss" in Japanese, so in Tokyo, Bruce Springsteen is known as "The Supervisor".

Johnny Plessey batted .331 for the Cleveland Spiders in 1891, even though he spent the entire season batting with a rolled-up, lacquered copy of the Toledo Post-Dispatch.

Fidel Castro's brother Raul has a large collection of Beanie Babies.

Due to a calendar mix-up, there were two years in a row identified as "1973".

To research his role in "Tootsie", Dustin Hoffman spent two years living as a woman.

In the early drafts of "Moby Dick", Moby Dick was a turtle.

In the Blackfoot Indian language, there is no translation for the name "Clarence". (thanks to Eric Snyder)

Abraham Lincoln was wearing his stovepipe hat when he lost his virginity.

More than 30% of the world's salt is used to garnish margaritas.

Approximately 200,000 drivers a year are seriously burned by EZ-pass sensors.