False Facts 1

The current season of the popular TV reality show "Survivor" is the first where the contestants have cell phones.

Although nobody uses them anymore, AT&T has contracts with phone book companies already in place. The phone books are printed, picked up at the printer and directly delivered to a recycling company.

The first Egyptian chariots were powered by sails. (thanks to Eric Snyder)

The FBI's eleventh most wanted fugitive is Tom Hanks.

Albert Einstein was an avid bodybuilder.

If the Earth was put on a scale, scientists would be puzzled by the presence of that scale.

Winnie the Pooh was originally named "Winnie the Pee". (thanks to Eric Snyder)

The most downloaded song on iTunes in 2021 was "Afternoon Delight" by the Starland Vocal Band.

Citizens in Ohio unsuccessfully tried to start a charitable organization called "The Salvation Coast Guard". (thanks to Eric Snyder)

No death-row inmate has ever asked for tofu as his last meal.

After he was President, Harry S. Truman briefly coached the Boston Celtics. (thanks to Eric Snyder)

Queen Elizabeth has seen the movie "Spaceballs" at least twelve times. It's her favorite movie.

Isaac Newton invented the game Hopscotch. (thanks to Eric Snyder)

After extensive study of the Shroud of Turin, it has now been theorized that Jesus had muttonchops.

By law, all globes in Australia are displayed upside down. (thanks to Eric Snyder)

In Utah, all TGIFriday's restaurants must close at 6 pm on Friday.

Ben Franklin actually coined the phrase "Live Long and Prosper". (thanks to Eric Snyder)

Donald Trump is a member of the mile-high club in Air Force One.

Elvis impersonators account for much more annual tax revenue than Elvis ever did.

Although Thursday is historically thought of as being named after the god Thor, it was actually named for his brother Thur. (thanks to Eric Snyder)



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